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Unwana Akpan, Ph.D.

Dr. Unwana Samuel Akpan is an Interdisciplinary Adjunct (Visiting) Scholar/Research Fellow in numerous Schools of Communication and Media Studies in Nigeria. He took degrees in Mass Communication: B.Sc, M.Sc, (Broadcast Sequence), University of Lagos, Akoka – Lagos; Ph.D, (Radio/TV Broadcasting). University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

It is estimated that we spend nearly 75 percent of our time communicating, both verbally and non-verbally; that’s why Unwana seeks to help his students understand the place of communication in creating mass-mediated content. He is a scholar-practitioner with two decades experience as a producer and an audience and market researcher in the broadcast sector. He has conducted numerous interdisciplinary research studies for academic, public and industry use. His classes are where research, teaching and learning interface. He is dedicated in making students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

In his entire career, Dr. Unwana has been committed to examining, understanding, disrupting and disseminating ideas on how communication and culture intersect. This experience allows him to see first-hand the connections, contours and complexities of communication.

With innovative research initiatives and decades of industry experience, his research and teaching investigate and explore Broadcast Content, Sports and Communication, African Communication Systems, Media Literacy, Corporate Speech writing, Media Aesthetic, the intersections of popular culture and media studies, particularly as they address genre transformation, popular media, and theories of realism and spectacle. His research enquiries are interdisciplinary by design, but he maintains strong disciplinary profiles in each of the areas of Media, Communication and Sociology whilst generating new knowledge working across disciplinary boundaries, embracing areas that span the humanities, arts and social sciences. He has published numerous research articles in international journals. Dr. Unwana’s lectures drive excellence through theoretically-informed empirical research and cutting-edge teaching which is enhanced by his unique inter-disciplinary position. Unwana is a Visiting Fellow at Channels Academy.