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Who we are

Channels Academy is a member of Channels Media Group, owners of Channels TV. It is Africa’s leading and multiple award winning 24-hour news network.

The Media Training Institute was established in 2017 with the sole aim of providing first class foundational, mid-career and advanced training and retraining of Journalists in Nigeria and the wider society. Since inception, the academy has trained over two hundred journalists, spokespersons in the military and society at large.

It’s unique location on the picturesque and natural landscape of Guzape district in Abuja, and the serene Channels’ TV headquarters in Lagos offers students the ambience for learning and assimilation.

Departmental Brief

Channels Academy runs the following programmes: Broadcast Journalism, Programme Production, Presentation, Broadcast Engineering, Sound, Lighting, Camera, and Editing, Broadcast Marketing, Bespoke Corporate Class, Master Class Civic Education and Leadership, Research and Methodology, Digital Media and Data Journalism.

Presentation Department

Presentation department trains and equips students who are interested in public communication, broadcast presentation; using high-tech language laboratory and seasoned presenters to execute the job. In the department, we offer research-based courses such as: Roles and Responsibilities of a Presenter, Weak and Strong Forms, Introduction to Phonetics, Vowels , etc.

Presentation students are required to come along with a copy of Daniel Jones Dictionary and a recording device for practical sessions.

Programmes Production Department

This is the melting point for media aesthetic where students are taught the art and skills of creating and packaging various programme formats such as: Documentary, Feature, Wrap, Drama, etc. In the department, students have the rare privilege of offering specially designed production courses such as Generating Contents for Programming, Rhetoric in Programming, Documentary, Feature, The Art of Scripting , Media aesthetic, etc.

Programme Production students are required to come along with a recording device.

Broadcast Journalism Department

The School of Journalism is also another accredited programme at the Academy that offers a curriculum that introduces students to the broad framework of journalism, emphasizing what is common and fundamental to commercialisation and news management. The mission of the School of Journalism is to pursue Journalistic excellence. Our Broadcast Journalism Department prides courses such as: Cultivating and Maintaining Sources, Specialized Reporting, News Management, Introduction to Reporting, Bulleting Packaging, etc.