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The financial aspect of any sector is always of interest and appealing to the generality of the public, be it those in the middle or lower echelon of any given society. This cuts across financial investments, bond, shares, insurance, loss, profit, market survey and projection, entrepreneurial formulations, etc. It is however discovered that overtime, a large chunk of the media audience find the financial reportage a lot boring, unappealing; this is because most often they do not grasp the financial jargons employed by the reporter in passing across his/her message. There certainly must be something missing. And there sure must also be a creative journalistic method that can be used in gathering, extracting and presenting such a piece.

This bespoke programme is aimed at teaching participants how to use uncommon journalistic skills to creatively deliver financial narratives that would attract the same curiosity and interest as that of hard news by the media content consumers. It is also geared towards packaging the journalist to skilfully eliminate financial reportage boredom in the part of the reading/listening/viewing public.

The ability to use modern and creative methodologies in business reportage backed by hard facts as well as write breaking business news and business stories in unique and interesting ways to increase readership.

It is a-three (3) day programme teemed with high level hands-on cum theoretical strategic delivery sessions.

Our Facilitators are  well-known financial and business journalists with years of experience in business and economy matters

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