Data Journalism

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There is a growing need for more than just the regular facts that are disseminated to the average audience. The need for statistical data to provide an in-depth insight into news  coverage has become a necessity

Citizen Journalism is at the core of journalism representing the convergence of a number of fields that are significant in their own right -(from investigative research and statistics to design and programming).

This training  is for those who want to thrive in a field of data-driven journalism

It is aimed at teaching the participants the art of data gathering, processing, storage and trading.

At the end of the workshop, participants would have learnt how to create media data, store them and place value on them.

It is a-two (2) day programme with a practical display of facts and figures in media formats.

Facilitators are seasoned media researchers and authorities in ‘Media Evidence’ would form the facilitation team.

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