Hate Speech

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In any society, there would always be people who feel marginalized, sidelined, hurt and the easiest way to vent or emit out his/her grievances, anger and frustration is through hateful dispositions such as ‘Hate Speeches’. Hate speeches are everywhere; but when the Media Gatekeepers allow it into the media space, it becomes inflammatory and acidic to the society as the case of the Rwandan genocide. The question lies, how can the journalist carefully and intelligently extract and distil news materials coming from such quarters without seeing from the eyes of the public as taking sides as well as fuels and instigates social disorder/violence?

To equip the modern day journalist with the necessary skills needed to be able to identify hate speeches, censor them and eliminate rhetoric capable of causing social disintegration in his/her reportage.

The participants at the end of the workshop would be able to develop an eagle eye that can pick and select materials in his/her daily reportage that are injurious to the generality of the public.

It is a-two (2) day programme with a practical display of print and electronic examples of hate speeches.

Facilitators are seasoned media researchers and practitioner scholars who are grounded in ‘Political and Civil’ rhetoric would form the facilitation team.

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