Channels Academy/SEPLAT Train Energy and Judiciary Correspondents/Editors

Channels Academy’s continuous effort to enhance the skills of media professionals resulted in a valuable collaboration with energy giant SEPLAT Energy, leading to a 3-day training workshop for Energy and Judiciary correspondents as well as editors.tors.tors.

This workshop which started on June 13th 2024 aimed to enhance effective reportage of the Energy and judiciary sectors in line with understanding the ethical considerations, maintaining objectivity and improving accuracy.

Facilitated by veteran media broadcaster and Channels Academy General Manager, Kingsley Uranta, seasoned energy editor, Martins Ayankola and productions expert Emmanuel Oshobajo, their wealth of knowledge was brought to the fore

Advanced research methodologies were a major highlight of the workshop as these media practitioners were introduced to the role of data techniques and analysis in the noble profession.

Case studies and real-world applications put further context on the necessity of training in these fields

During the final day of the workshop, we delved into the role of the media in the future of the energy sector and the legal challenges associated with reporting on it.

The participants were also reintroduced to the increasing necessity of digital media and multimedia tools in real-time reporting.