Channels Academy/BBC Train GIST Nigeria Team on A.I, Digital Media, Production and Leadership

Our long-time partners the BBC once more partnered with Channels Academy and decided to share their wealth of knowledge on the Digital media landscape, Artificial Intelligence, advanced techniques in production as well as a Leadership masterclass

The 5-day affair was facilitated by some of BBC’s finest Pascal, Dave and Dean

Trainees were guided on the best practices in the use of lightning and sound as well as PCR and MCR management as well as proper production and recording processes and fine-tuning investigative pieces

Live simulation of a production process and inspection of the studios were observed by the facilitators and areas of of improvement were identified. Sound and Lighting mechanisms and management were also shown to the trainees.

The Digital media landscape and an introduction to A.I In improving the production process opened the participants’ horizons on how to push the boundary of what is achievable.

Modern and dynamic techniques in the digital-first approach for news gathering and reporting helped the trainees understand why speed is a necessity in the evolving field of journalism.

Practical sessions on every training theme were carried out by the participants to better understand real-world scenarios

The final day of training also introduced the participants to leadership fundamentals that bordered on conflict resolution, leading innovation, problem-solving and building trust and respect

Trainees were able to appreciate the essence of these sessions and were enthusiastic to apply the learned techniques.