The Mobile Journalism/Data Journalism Training

Channels Academy decided to train media and broadcast professionals from August 4 – 12, and August 24 – 25, 2022 to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology.


The first set of modules of the training focused on Mobile Journalism and its place in modern journalism practice. The nine participants went through the basics of working with smartphones (production planning, stabilization, sound recording, camera settings, picture composition rules, storytelling, and video editing. They were equally exposed to the flexibility of editing footage from different sequences of shots, and video stories on various platforms and the right sizes for quick broadcasts.


The Data Journalism training was concluded virtually on August 25. The earlier three days of training took place in person in Abuja. The choice of a virtual platform was to immerse the trainees in the ecosystem and compel them to further sharpen their skills in data use and management. Some of the modules they dealt with were transforming data into stories, fact-checking in DJ, and ethical aspects of handling data and infographics.


Each person pitched a project and produced a package from ideation to broadcast and followed through with practical work (recording, editing the final product and presentation) Please click here for the output.


Trainees will share knowledge with colleagues as they return to their locations, particularly those from Lagos and Abuja once they have concluded the Data Journalism training.

The Academy will produce a newsletter to document the training and share information. The training materials have been uploaded to the Academy’s cloud storage system.


Feedback forms were administered to the nine participants during the twelve-day training. The analysis is here attached as an addendum.

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